About Us

We are WAMBOR: the Webmail Alliance for Mitigating Breaches and Online Risks.

Founded in 2022, our team consists of dedicated lawyers, cybersecurity experts, and privacy professionals. We are committed to helping victims of online harassment and cybercrime. Our mission is to provide secure and confidential communication solutions for those who have been affected by cyber threats.

We believe in a safer internet and are dedicated to taking action to secure a better future.

Cindi Mau

Cindi Mau, WAMBOR Alliance President

Bio: Cindi Mau (a nom de guerre) is a leading privacy lawyer based in Boston, Massachusetts. With a focus on cybersecurity and online privacy, she has dedicated her career to helping victims of cybercrime and online harassment. A graduate of Yale Law School, Cindi has been an advocate for internet safety and has worked on multiple high-profile cases that set precedents in the legal world. As the President of WAMBOR, she is committed to furthering the organization's mission and advocating for a safer online environment for all.