Attack on Titan Theory: Eren Is the Father of Historia's Baby (2023)

As the Attack on Titan anime edges nearer to its finale, many fans have been wondering who the father of Historia’s baby is. So far, she has hardly been seen throughout Season 4 which has left many to speculate as to what impact her child might have on the story and how Historia’s arc will conclude.

Over the course of the last few months, two factions have developed within the fandom with each supporting a different theory about the nature of Historia’s relationship. One group believes that the origin of this child has already been confirmed, being the farmer character, while others have hypothesized that Eren Jaeger is in fact Historia’s true partner.


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Why is Historia Pregnant?

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Within Episode 69, “A Sound Argument”, viewers are informed that two years ago, with the help of Zeke Jaeger and the Anti-Marleyan Volunteers, Paradis Island was connected with its old ally - the nation of Hizuru. This country's envoy, Kiyomi Azumabito, met with Paradis’ leaders in an effort to begin negotiations on their relationship. While Azumabito initially stated that her desire to visit stemmed from wanting to meet Mikasa, who is revealed to be related to the long-lost child of their nation's shogunate. It is later assumed that this was just used as a pretext to ask for resources from Paradis. In return, Hizuru will offer their support to initiate Zeke’s three-point plan to protect Paradis.

The first part of this arrangement was for Paradis to test run the Rumbling in order to show the world a small fragment of their power, to frighten the citizens of the world, and establish control over them. Following this, Hizuru would offer its cooperation to strengthen the island’s military, so that the threat of the Rumbling was no longer necessary. Lastly, Azumabito outlined that the founding Titan and a Titan of royal blood have to be passed down.

On this third and final point, Azumabito clarified that Zeke will pass on the Beast Titan to someone of royal blood and that, until their 13-year term ends, they must bear as many children as possible. Since Historia is the only known person to have royal blood, who has not already inherited a Titan, the burden of this duty is placed on her alone. Historia recognized that if Paradis was to be protected that she must be the one to make this sacrifice. Consequently, she agreed to take on the Beast Titan and begin baring children.

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Is the Farmer the Father of Historia’s Child?

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Shortly after this scene, Historia was shown in a rocking chair and is highly pregnant, insinuating that this is months after the negotiations have taken place. The only person that is with her is a young man, wearing indistinctive clothing, who requests that Historia come back into the house as she’s got to take care of her body.

Later, several officers of the Military Police could be seen discussing Historia’s pregnancy. Roeg, a high-ranking officer, spoke negatively about Historia calling her a ‘low-bred girl who is Queen in name only”. While this comment can be perceived to simply demonstrate this character's opinion of Historia, it is seemingly more a reflection on her chosen partner who he disapproved of because of his poor background.

Nile Dawk explained the nature of Historia’s relationship with this man. Historiagrew up in the same area as the farmer. Initially, he would bully her by throwing rocks to gain her attention, however, he would later attempt to redeem himself by offering his support at the orphanage Historia opened. It is implied that this act of kindness was what led to their relationship and the love between them. Throughout this conversation, Dawk is adamant that it was Historia’s choice to start this relationship and that the military has done a background check on this man to make sure that he isn’t “anyone’s lackey”. This suggested that the story Dawk is telling has been verified through several sources and isn’t simply a recent cover-up.

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Is Eren the Father of Historia’s Child?

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However, many fans have not been satisfied with this explanation as the farmer has never been seen or discussed outside of this episode. It seems strange that such a significant event, pertaining to one of AoT’s main characters, is so ordinary and underwhelming. This has led people to speculate that there is much more beneath the surface than meets the eye.

The first point of contention that people have with the Farmer being the father of the child is related to Historia’s expression upon seeing her newly found partner. Historia was completely stoic and almost seemed to be in a state of depression while staying at the ranch. This isn’t what one would typically expect to see from a mother-to-be who is in a happy and loving relationship. As such, some fans have hypothesized that Historia might not be with this man and that the story Dawk told members of Paradis’ military about their relationship is partly untrue.

It is plausible that the farmer was simply acting as a decoy in an effort to protect Historia, Eren, and their child. If either Paradis’ or a foreign power's military were to discover that Eren was the father, then they would likely attempt to capture Historia and hold her ransom to prevent Eren from initiating his plan. This would explain the couple’s lack of chemistry and why the two have not married. While it may initially appear difficult to reason why the farmer might take part in this conspiracy, the argument for him doing so may be contained within Dawk’s story. Rather than being with Historia because he loves her, the farmer is instead doing so simply for his own redemption. By protecting Historia in her greatest moment of need, the bullying that he inflicted during her childhood will be forgiven.

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Another factor that has led fans to believe Eren is the father is the timeline between his mission to Marley and the start of Historia’s pregnancy. Eren would leave for Marley shortly after Historia got pregnant, and 10 months later she would give birth during Eren’s rumbling. While this could just be a coincidence, many have argued that it is anything but.

Lastly, in the manga, it is revealed that Floch is not the only person to be aware of Eren’s real plan and that Historia had prior knowledge of it as well. This might mean that having a baby was part of Eren’s overarching scheme to protect Paradis and revive it to its former glory. While Floch’s part in Eren’s operation has been made clear, Historia’s has not. If Eren was to risk telling Historia about his plan, then it makes sense that this would have been for a good reason. Fans have suggested that this demonstrates the closeness of their relationship, particularly since Eren couldn’t even tell Armin and Mikasa about his goal to initiate the Rumbling.

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Who is the Real Father of Historia’s Child?

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While this theory is certainly interesting and has many compelling ideas, it is largely based on a number of assumptions. It is understandable that fans, considering Hajime Isayama's consistent use of big reveals, believe that Historia’s child is part of a bigger purpose within the plot. However, it might just be the case that Historia’s relationships and overall arc have ended in a more simple fashion than many would have expected.

Although the timing of Historia’s pregnancy, in relation to Eren’s departure from Paradis is strange, it too would be odd for Eren to conceive a child with Historia as part of his plan. After all, Eren was enraged that she would be used as a vessel for the political purposes of Hizuru. To then devise his own scheme, where Historia would be used in the process, would be highly hypocritical.

Ultimately, the simplest solution to this problem is likely the answer. What we have been told and seen, within both the manga and the show, are likely correct. Historia’s relationship, like most in the real world, is both unextraordinary and complicated. Whether Historia is in love with the farmer or simply with him out of self-preservation (so that she can buy more time and not have to inherit the Beast Titan) is likely the question that should be asked, rather than if Eren is the father.

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