Garibaldis - The Authentic Mexican Difference (2023)

Mexican Herbs to Include In Your Garden

By Shelley Iverson 01 Jun, 2022

Have you ever wondered what makes authentic Mexican Food the best? The answer is the spices and herbs used in traditional Mexican dishes. At Garibaldi's, we use recipes passed down to us. The recipes all include fresh ingredients and a few things like cilantro, onions, lime, salsas, and more that make everything you take a bite of amazing. Below is some inspiration to spice up your garden. Why have fresh herbs versus the kind in a container? It is important to remember what you like about your food when you use fresh-picked ingredients and take pride in knowing you not only made your dish but you created something using ingredients that you grew! It also includes all of the components of the plant and is not dried so you won’t miss out on a lot of flavors you do when you used dried spices. It is totally worth it to give a shot at growing some of your own spices. Cilantro Cilantro is a major component of Mexican dishes. It is a staple in other cuisines as well, so an abundance on hand is always a good idea. When you are making any dishes, soups or other meals, cilantro can be added in a few different ways. Chop up a bunch of leaves and add them on top of your dishes as a garnish or add an abundance on your tacos with onions and fresh squeezed lime for great flavor. Throw a handful in your salsa for an amazing effect. Cilantro is an important Mexican herb that is a must have when making authentic dishes. Mexican Oregano Mexican Oregano is a staple among many authentic Mexican Dishes. Although it seems like regular oregano might do the trick, Mexican oregano has a different almost floral flavor. It is native plant from Mexico where regular Oregano is Mediterranean. Mexican Oregano is in many dishes, used in many sauces and rounds out the flavor you are always trying for when cooking. Meat dishes, rice, beans, and sauces tend to call for oregano so make sure to keep some Mexican oregano on hand so your dishes are always complete! Other Herbs and Spices Thyme and parsley are other herbs that can complement your cooking. Every spice and herb you use will affect the aroma, taste, and how the spiciness and other dimensions of flavor might turn out. Thyme is used in some dishes like birria and mole. Parsley can add flavor to salsas and add color as a garnish. Mexican herbs all play an important role in how the food turns out. Come to Garibaldi's to let us show you amazing authentic food using the best fresh ingredients.

The Perfect Margaritas

By Shelley Iverson 25 Apr, 2022

There is nothing better than enjoying a smooth flavorful margarita along with chips and salsa. Whether you are on a date, with your friends, or out for a special occasion you can never go wrong with margaritas. The best margaritas only have the best ingredients like fresh juice, great tequila, and triple sec. Below is the scoop on how the best margaritas are made. Ingredients: To enjoy the best margarita, you have to consider the ingredients. This usually involves a few fresh ingredients. Fresh is the keyword. Freshly squeezed lime juice, simple syrup, tequila, and triple sec. Some might include a splash of orange juice or sprite for a burst of extra flavor as well. This is optional. Recipe: 3 oz Tequila (Silver or Blanco) Fresh lime juice 1 oz simple syrup .5 oz triple sec Salt for rim Fruit for garnish Soda and orange juice optional Tequila: One distinguishing flavor factor is tequila . There are different types of tequila, like silver and gold. They are aged differently giving different flavors, colors, and aromas. Tequila gold is aged in barrels which gives it the “gold” color. There are also different variations on how long the tequila is aged which makes up many of the brands, types, and flavors of tequila you might see or know about. Tequila Blanco and clear silver tequila are most commonly used for margaritas but can be substituted depending on taste preferences. A Twist on the Classic: A classic margarita usually involves lime flavor, a margarita glass, ice, and a rim garnished with salt. You might be in love with a classic margarita but there are many more options that are equally as delicious! Try a classic margarita blended instead of on the rocks. This makes it more of a slushie texture. Instead of salt, try sugar on the rim. More ways to enjoy a margarita are flavors like mango, strawberry, and other fruity influences. Some enjoy a small beer added to a margarita. It is an interesting combination that compliments flavors well and belongs together. This is called a CoronaRita. Between flavors, styles of ice, rims, and adding small beers, the possibilities for margaritas are endless. If you aren’t keen on margaritas, daiquiris are a sister to margaritas. They are like margaritas but made with rum instead. You choose your flavors and they usually come blended. Come to Garibaldis to enjoy your favorite Mexican food paired with a perfect margarita, your way.

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Mexican Dinners That Aren’t Tacos

By Shelley Iverson 31 Mar, 2022

Tacos are a fan favorite that never get old. How could you go wrong with fresh, homemade tortillas, juicy meat cooked to perfection, and delicious cheese, lettuce, and salsa on top? Everyone knows that tacos are delicious. It is always hard to pass up a taco, but what about all of the other amazing authentic Mexican dishes? Below are some equally as delicious options that will make your mouth water. Quesadillas A popular choice other than tacos is a quesadilla . To start are two big flour tortillas that are packed with cheese. You can add chicken, ground beef, or picadillo to that. Then a generous amount of tomatoes, green onions, and toppings like sour cream guacamole and lettuce make this option mouthwatering and delicious. Quesadillas are an amazing choice for an appetizer or a meal. There is plenty to share! Nachos Who doesn’t love nachos ? They can be shared as an appetizer or eaten as a meal. With crispy chips heaping with beans, melted cheese, and topped with lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream and guacamole, you cannot go wrong. With a few sizes to choose from you can ensure that you will get the right amount that you need. If you don’t want to stray too far from a taco, this might be the perfect option to try. Burritos Burritos are another alternative to tacos. At Garibaldi's, there are many burrito choices to pick from that will satisfy any craving you have. With a big homemade tortilla packed with fresh delicious ingredients, you may find a new favorite. With any kind of flavorful juicy meat like steak, chicken, chorizo, pork or more, you can start your burrito off right. As for the other ingredients, fresh cheese, sauces, lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, and sour cream are a few you could choose. With menu items like the regular burrito, steak burrito, guacamole burrito, and mixed burrito, there is definitely a selection that will make your mouth water and hit every craving you might have. Fajitas Fajitas are similar to tacos. They come on a sizzling platter of perfectly seasoned mouthwatering meats and veggies that you can add to warm delicious homemade tortillas. Paired with rice and beans, this option is a winner. Garibaldi's has a few different options like steak fajitas with onions, mushrooms, bell peppers. Another favorite is chicken or shrimp. All of the sizzling fajitas come with sour cream, salsa, and guacamole. Fajitas are an amazing alternative to tacos. Now that you have some delicious options, come in and pair them with a refreshing beer or margarita at Garibalids!

Best Mexican Side Dishes

By Shelley Iverson 01 Mar, 2022

When you want authentic Mexican food, you need more than a quick stop at a drive through. Although some drive throughs can be good, they cannot replace the quality of an amazing authentic Mexican dish. What comes to mind are amazing chips, queso, salsa, rice, beans, and more. These flavors are packed full of fresh ingredients and are all homemade so you know they are delicious! Salsa This is one staple that authentic Mexican food cannot live without. Salsa and just about every single dish go hand in hand. When you think about the best Mexican side dishes, salsa is one main food that comes to mind. With Salsa Verde, Pico de Gallo, Salsa Roja, and so many more, there is a variety to fit every preference. They can range from chunky to smooth and green to red. Some salsas may add the perfect spicy kick to the meal and make your mouth water for more. They use only the freshest peppers, chilis, onions cilantro to make the perfect blend for every bite. Salsa is one of the best Mexican side dishes! Guacamole Using ripe avocados and other fresh ingredients is a great way to make another Mexican side dish that everyone is sure to love. A creamy, flavorful delicious combo of tomatoes, onion, and avocado whipped up tableside or added with your meal is a sure way to make your mouth water. Scooped up on some crispy chips or added to a burrito, you cannot go wrong with this Mexican side dish. Rice One of the most common, most loved sides is Mexican rice. Cooked to perfection, this is one of the best Mexican sides. Rice goes with any meal, is moist, delicious, and flavorful. It is filling and can be used as an accent to any meal, in a burrito, or any other way you enjoy it. Beans Another staple Mexican side dish is beans. Refried beans on the side of your meal makes you appreciate every bite even more. You cannot get the freshness, quality, or hefty portions to fill you up in any drive through. When you see your plate coming towards you from the kitchen, you will be thinking of scooping up some beans and other amazing Mexican side dishes! Corn Tortillas Chips, soft tortilla shells, and crispy tacos all share something in common. They are made from homemade corn tortillas. Tortillas are an amazing side to any meal. When you come to an authentic Mexican restaurant, baskets of chips and delicious salsa are something to look forward to. When you order your sizzling fajitas, corn tortillas are the perfect pair for your meal. Any other dish can also be elevated with this amazing Mexican side dish. Come to Garibaldi’s to have some amazing authentic Mexican foods!

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Authentic Mexican Tacos

By Shelley Iverson 01 Feb, 2022

The difference between a taco and an authentic Mexican taco is quality. Quality ingredients, quality recipes, and quality culinary skills. Every detail put into an authentic Mexican taco takes thought and has history and impressive flavors. When you take a bite of an authentic taco, it makes you want more! If you can’t decide on what authentic Mexican tacos to choose, we have a few great options for you. Tacos al Carbon These tacos have great flavor. They come in soft shell corn or flour tortillas, with enchilada sauce. Enhance your tacos with chicken, steak, pork, or shrimp. The meats are grilled to perfection with authentic, flavorful seasoning. They come with cheese and guacamole which is a great combination of flavors that will make your tastebuds smile. Tacos El Pastor This is a pork taco that is sure to please anyone. The pork is marinated in a pineapple red sauce. It is slow roasted to ensure it is super tender. On top is cilantro and onion, these tacos are packed full of fresh flavor. With sour cream and guacamole, these tacos will have you wanting more! They are incredibly juicy and delicious. Vegetarian Tacos de Papa are a vegetarian taco that does not skimp on flavor. Corn tortillas are stuffed with sauteed potatoes, onions and tomatoes. Vegetarian tacos also have black beans, lettuce, cheese, and homemade guacamole. If you are a vegetarian, these tacos are a great choice for you, as well as others looking to try something new. Although the varieties of tacos are endless, authentic Mexican tacos always rise above. The effort put in makes a huge difference. The home made tortillas, the juicy flavorful meat, and homemade slasa and guacamole make a huge difference in the composure of a taco. As an added bonus, authentic Mexican tacos always come with amazing home made chips, salsa, rice, and beans. You can not go wrong with a margartia or delicous cold beer to compliment. Good authentic Mexican tacos also have a lot of history. The recipes for these delicious tacos are passed down from generations and made with love. These recipes mean a lot to the families and heritage of Hispanic ancestry. These recipes call for only fresh ingredients. That is why authentic tacos are the best. It isn’t just a taco, it is rich flavorful history. Come to Garibaldi’s to try an authentic Mexican taco today!

Garibaldis Essential Ingredients for Authentic Mexican Foods

By Shelley Iverson 21 Dec, 2021

At Garibaldi’s, we know that fresh quality ingredients are the key to good authentic Mexican food . Using recipes passed down for generations, we know that we have the best Mexican food! Some essential ingredients that we use in our authentic Mexican food are a key in what make our foods so popular and delicious. Mexican food is influenced by different regions and cultures throughout Mexico. There are different ways to prepare dishes, different flavors to enjoy, and all are equally amazing. Below are some staple ingredients used. Tortillas Tortillas are an essential staple when creating Mexican food. Some of our favorite dishes like burritos, tacos, and fajitas include our amazing, homemade tortillas. They come in flour or corn and are equally delicious. As well as for a shell, you can use tortillas to make our amazing chips that pair with our salsa, guacamole, and queso perfectly. Cheese Cheese is another essential ingredient. What makes Mexican cheese so different is our cotija cheese, queso fresco, and queso Oaxaca adds amazing texture and also a great flavor. Cheese is also used to make queso, added into our dishes and takes all of our foods to the next level. Avocado Avocado is a creamy rich staple to add to any meal. It is essential to make guacamole. By adding guacamole or plain avocado to your dish, you make any dish taste authentic. Rice and Beans Another essential is rice and beans. Every time you picture an amazing authentic Mexican meal at Garibaldi’s, you will not forget the rice and beans. The delicious side is filling and fabulous. Beans and rice can also be used in burritos. Tomato Authentic Mexican food includes tomatoes as an essential ingredient. Without tomatoes, you will not have amazing flavor, juiciness and texture of tomatoes. At Garibaldi’s, everyone knows how fresh and amazing our ingredients are when we make salsa or incorporate tomatoes into our dishes. Without tomatoes, our food would not be as amazing as it is! Chipotle, Poblano, Jalapeno Peppers These ingredients are essential to add spice, flavor and dynamic to our authentic Mexican recipes. They add flavor to our salsas, dishes, and make our food spicy and bold. Ranging from mild to hot, we know how to incorporate these ingredients in a way that will make your mouth water. Spices and Garnish Cilantro, oregano, cumin, chili powder, and limes are a way for us to take our authentic Mexican food to the next level. These spices add a dynamic and flavor that is very unique to our recipes. You will savor every bite and enjoy the freshness of our ingredients. Lime and cilantro are an amazing essential combo that everyone will love! Come to Garibaldi’s to taste our mouthwatering Authentic Mexican Food!


Día De Los Muertos

By Shelley Iverson 23 Nov, 2021

In November, one major Hispanic celebration occurs, Día de Los Muertos. It is a traditional holiday full of Hispanic food. Garibaldi’s is well known for authentic traditional Mexican food and has wonderful recipes for celebrating the Day of the Dead. Day of the Dead is a special day to commemorate loved ones who have passed. Altars are decorated on November first and second to celebrate. The decorations might include photos, candles, loved ones’ favorite things, and especially foods as ofrendas. In addition to food traditions, many enjoy parties, cooking together, and decorating graves as part of the joyful celebration. Below are some traditional Día de Los Muertos recipes, including sugar skulls, pan de muerto, and other traditional Mexican dishes. Traditional Foods Sugar Skull The sugar skull is a significant tradition. You make the skulls by making and pressing a sugar paste into a skull mold. This tradition remembers a person who has died. You decorate each sugar skull and might even add the departed ones’ names. Personalized decorating is a way for you to remember and keep their spirit alive. Once you finish decorating, put it on the ofrenda to honor them. This bread is another major Día De Los Muertos Tradition. Many do not ever eat these creations due to decorations like paints, sequins, and feathers. Sugar skulls are a great Día de Los Muertos tradition. Pan de Muerto This bread is another major Día De Los Muertos Tradition. Pan de Muerto is a sweet bread that is baked as a part of the party to celebrate. Usually, families bake multiple loaves. The family will eat one and put one at the altar as an ofrenda on November second. Decorate this bread for Day of The Dead by making a skull or bone shape on the bread! Traditional Dishes Tamales, sweet breads, and tequila are a few other traditional Día De los Muertos foods. Tamales are an authentic dish made in many ways, including cheese, different meats, and other things like peppers. Another tradition is many types of sweet bread, like custard-filled or fried bread with sugar. At Garibaldi’s, we make the best tamales with fresh ingredients and use passed-down family recipes to please you. Of course, you cannot forget the tequila. For Día de Los Muertos, the tequila is sometimes infused with colorful flowers or flavors to celebrate loved ones. At Garibaldi’s , we love tradition. Without tradition, we would not have the beautiful recipes and flavors from generations before. Día de Los Muertos is a colorful tradition that all can celebrate to remember their loved ones. Come in and celebrate with some of our traditional authentic Mexican food this November!

Authentic Mexican Food Experience

By Shelley Iverson 21 Oct, 2021

At Garibaldis, food is more than food, it is an experience. With the heritage, history and flavor, it is much more than amazing food. With influences from Spain, Aztec and Mayan among others the food became an exhibit of the cultures. Factors include music, colors, native foods, and family. At Garibaldis , our recipes include this passion, history and heritage. Traditional Mexican Foods: Some traditional Mexican foods that have a major history are corn and beans. Tortillas are derived from corn and are often eaten with beans. Later, chocolate, poultry, and many spices were added throughout history when other cultures came and added some different character. Corn: Corn is arguably one of the most important parts of the Mexican food experience. Throughout time, corn was domesticated from grass and was made into components of almost every meal. Some important corn dishes are tortillas, tamales, and elote. There is a special drink called Atole that is made from corn and sweetened to make a delicious holiday drink. It isn’t just about corn either, it is also about tradition, family recipes, and what the corn means. To many, it is memories, holidays, and more than a food staple. Beans: Beans are another important part of the Mexican food experience. Beans are not expensive and are grown in Mexico, so they are widely available. Beans are full of protein and can be prepared in many ways to add flavor and heartiness to your dishes. Like corn, they are a part of the wonderful experience. Celebrations : In Mexico, there are many celebrations and holidays that food is a part of the experience. These traditions have to do with the cultures and religions. Most of Mexico is Christian, so Christian holidays have a role in family gatherings and different dishes. For example, some holidays include making sweet breads for special occasions. Christmas: Some dishes that may play a role in Christmas celebrations are tamales, chicken pozole verde, and marranitos. After Christmas, there is a holiday called Dia de Reyes, which celebrates the three wise men. Sweet bread formed like a wreath is baked to celebrate this day. In the bread is a figurine of Jesus that whoever gets it must throw the next celebration, candlemas. Dia de los Muertos: For this holiday, sweet bread is made. It is a large tradition to celebrate the loved ones of deceased family, friends and others. To commemorate them, the living might make the dead's favorite dish, meal or leave them a treat. It is a colorful, musical, and holiday full of tradition and more. Experience at Garibaldis: At Garibaldis, we know how an experience is something that everyone should know. That is why we only serve the best foods with our family recipes passed down through generations. We know that food is an experience and we would like to share it with you! Order online , or come in today!

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Healthier Options at Garibaldis!

By Shelley Iverson 25 Sep, 2021

Going out to eat while dieting can be a challenge. At Garibaldi’s, we have multiple items that can satisfy your dietary needs. We have many delicious options that you can enjoy that we make with our fresh ingredients and authentic recipes that still taste great and can satisfy your cravings and be healthy! Substitute: When ordering food, you may want to consider replacing what you order with an option of our freshly prepared dishes packed full of flavor that is not super saucy or fried. Many of our dishes are prepared with delicious corn tortillas. Opt for corn tortillas instead of flour for a healthier option. Instead of sour cream, try adding our delicious salsa or some guacamole to add flavor to cut some calories. Healthy choices: Everything at Garibaldi’s is fresh and delicious, and there are some choices you can consider when you eat at Garibaldi's for healthy options. Although our chips and salsa are the best, skip the fried chips. This can add a lot of calories to your meal from the oils used to fry the tortillas. Try adding a salad on the side instead of eating refried beans. Try skipping the cheese and adding guacamole instead. If you do choose to eat these options, just try to eat a healthy portion or ask for light servings. Also, Garibaldis has amazing choices as meals to choose from. Fajitas: One favorite at Garibaldis to try while eating healthy is fajitas. They have a lot of flavor and are served with fresh tortillas. You can choose your portions and know you are getting your vegetables. This is also healthy because it comes with tortillas on the side, and you can substitute for corn tortillas. Fajitas are a solid healthy choice at Garibaldi’s. Tacos: Another choice to try is any soft shell taco option. There are so many delicious options like steak, chicken or fish. Add extra salsa, lettuce, onion, or guac to make your tacos filling and flavorful while still very healthy. Tacos do not skimp on flavor, and are very filling and healthy. Garibaldi’s has the best authentic tacos. Salads: More options are Garibaldi’s soups and salads. We make the best salads with all fresh ingredients. Our salads are delicious and give you our authentic Mexican flavor that makes you happy you came to Garibaldi’s. We also have a home made Mexican chicken soup that is delicious. Eating out does not have to mean eating unhealthy. At Garibaldi’s we care about our customers and want you to have a great experience. Come in or order online to try our healthy options today!

Garibaldi's Foods You Should Know

By Kevin Coghlan 21 Aug, 2021

Everyone knows that Garibaldi’s has the best tacos and burritos, and tostadas, but there are many more amazing dishes that you should know at Garibaldi's Mexican Restaurant. If more than one dish sounds good, try looking at the combination lunch and dinner specials that can expand on your usual go to authentic Mexican foods! Enchiladas Enchiladas are a classic authentic Mexican dish that can be prepared many ways. Our exclusive recipe is complemented by delicious rice and beans. Enchiladas are usually prepared in a corn tortilla shell and stuffed with beef, chicken, cheese, or picadillo. On top, you'll find a delicious sauce and authentic Mexican cheese. Take your favorite dish and try adding sour cream and guacamole. With so many options and amazing flavors, make sure to add this to your foods to try at Garibaldi’s Mexican Restaurant. Tamales Another great choice you won’t want to miss is the Tamales dish at Garibaldi's. Tamales are a traditional authentic Mexican food sure to make you happy. They are crafted with seasoned, tender pork in a corn breading. The sauce, rice, and beans will make your mouth water and satisfy your Mexican cravings. Our signature rice and beans are the perfect accompaniment to this wonderful meal. Tacos de Carne Asada This delicious meal blends many bold Mexican flavors beginning with corn tortillas stuffed with juicy grilled steak, diced raw onions, and cilantro garnished with lime wedges for extra zest. The fresh ingredients and unique flavors will make you happy you chose this dish. You will not be disappointed with Tacos de Carne Asada. Along with Carne Asada, check out the other amazing Platillos Beef options on our menu. There are Tacos al Carbon, Biste a la Mexicana, and Chile Colorado among others. These dishes all include seasoned grilled beef that is cooked to perfection and combined with amazing sauces, vegetables, salsas, and more! Fajitas This savory classic Mexican dish will make you run to Garibaldi’s. Nothing is more satisfying than the tantalizing aroma of a sizzling hot skillet with freshly prepared ingredients approaching your table. This dish is fun because you get to assemble your fajitas how you like with your choice of meats, like perfectly marinated steak, juicy chicken, or tasty sauteed shrimp. With the warm tortillas, onions, peppers, tomatoes, sour cream, and guacamole, this is a meal you can’t pass up at Garibaldi’s. If you can’t decide on one, try a combination fajita special! Come to Garibaldi’s today, or order online and try some new amazing foods you should know at Garibaldi’s. For extra satisfaction, add a margarita or beer.

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